Every Sunday

The Meat Raffle

Every Sunday the Merstham Village Club hosts a meat raffle which is a highlight for many members. Tickets are on sale every Sunday between 12:30 to 2:30 pm at a price of £1 a strip (5 numbers).

The electronic number generator selects the numbers and the winner takes their pick. Prizes also include the Mystery Box, which could be a prank prize or a luxury item. With every strip you purchase, you receive a free ticket to the next BIG raffle... what more could you ask for?

Did you know?

At the start of World War II, the United Kingdom imported 20 million tons of food per year (50% of its meat). Hoping to starve the nation into submission, it was a principal strategy to use German submarines to sink ships bound for the UK carrying food and military supplies.

Meat raffles came about as each family would pool their small ration of meat allowing the winner to take home enough meat to feed their family. The meat raffle became more than just an opportunity to bring home some bacon — it quickly transformed into an event that brought communities together.