Welcome to our friendly community club in Merstham.

Come and join us for a drink.

Merstham Village Club is the heart of our small community bringing friends, neighbors, and colleagues together to enjoy live music, family-friendly events, great drinks, and more. We love meeting new people in the village and making new friends!

We have a large selection of beer on tap to choose from. We also have a full bar with an great selection of wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages. So if you are looking for something new to try out while you're here then why not give us a try - we would be happy to welcome you into the Merstham Village Club family!

person filling beer on glass
person filling beer on glass

Popular Events

Live Music Nights

The club offers a variety of genres including rock, jazz, country, and pop music.

The club regularly has live performances by musicians from across the county who come to play at Merstham Village Club. There is also plenty of room to sing and dance along!

man playing pool
man playing pool
Sports Competitions

Our Club is fitted with 2 full-size snooker tables, one bar billiards table, one pool table, dart boards, large tv's playing regular televised sports events throughout the week.

Come support your favorite team with us!

Make our club your local watering-hole!

Some of the best memories revolve around great drinks and family – that's why we welcome all of your loved ones, including children. We have dedicated family-friendly events held weekly. Feel free to sign up for our e-mail newsletter to be notified of any events that might suit your liking!

Club members are entitled to sign in a maximum of four (4) visitors.

We are here to lighten up your evening.

Merstham Village Club is a members-only club that hosts weekly events. The club hosts live music and offers members access to special deals and discounts on snacks, drinks, and entertainment.

brown short coated dog on brown wooden table
brown short coated dog on brown wooden table

We also welcome your animal friends.

Our Club is very pet-friendly, meaning that you can bring your furry friends with you. We ask for calm and collected behavior from all of our animal customers.

No Dogs are allowed on premises after 9:30pm.

Here's what our members say:

“People are always friendly and welcoming. Always guaranteed a laugh when you're at the club.”

- Carol Hanton

Proud to have such a fantastic community-led local club that hosts all sorts of events with such care for its members in the village, the cheap drinks make it even better!

- Stefan Haynes

Club Secretary

Interested in becoming a member?

We are pleased to inform anyone wishing to become a member of the Merstham Village Club that the process is very easy and if you live in the local area you will be able to join our community.