Our Rules

The Committee of the Merstham Village Club are currently reviewing the Club Rules and bringing them up-to-date for more clarity. In the meantime, you can view the current Club Rules below.
If you have any questions, please contact mvcsecretary.dj@outlook.com
  1. The name of the club is Merstham Village Club.

  2. The objects of the club are to promote physical and mental recreation for the inhabitants of Merstham without distinction of sex or of political, religious, or other opinion.

  3. All residents of Merstham who have attained the age of eighteen years are eligible for Membership. Residents of other districts may become members at the discretion of the Committee of Management.

  4. Every candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded respectively by two members who have been members for at least one year, a list of new members' names will be posted on the Club Notice board at least SEVEN DAYS before the candidate is considered for election. The proposer and or the seconder may be called upon to appear before the Committee of Management regarding their nominee. Failure to appear will invalidate the application. The proposer and seconder must have completed one year's membership.

  5. Election to membership shall be by the Committee of Management. Any person who is refused membership shall not be permitted to use the club premises for any purpose. A member shall give proof of their membership when requested to do so by a member of the Committee of Management or the Bar Staff.

  6. The Annual subscription shall be determined at an Annual General Meeting and posted on the Club Notice Board. All subscriptions shall be payable in advance, yearly on the 1st of January. Any Member being one month in arrears shall cease to be a Member. The Committee of Management may consider reinstatement subject to a satisfactory explanation and all arrears being paid.

  7. Members may introduce up to 4 visitors in any one 24-hour period. The guest book must be signed or you can sign the visitor in at the bar and every guest must pay per visit this is the member's responsibility to make sure this happens. The introducing member must stay with their visitor for the duration of the visit. The committee of Management may make changes to the cost of admission on predetermined occasions.

  8. Members of visiting clubs invited to take part in games, or contests of any kind may be elected members of the club for the period of the contest only.

  9. The Secretary may at any time suspend ANY MEMBER from using the club without assigning any reason. The member will be given the opportunity to explain his or her conduct to the Committee of Management who will either confirm or lift the suspension or may decide to expel the Member permanently from the Club. Any Member so expelled may appeal to the Appeals Committee convened for that purpose that may make recommendations to the Committee of Management. No Member who has been expelled from the Club may be nominated or seek election to any Office or Committee for the Club for a period of FIVE YEARS.

  10. The Club shall be controlled by a Committee of Management, which shall have the SOLE RIGHT to manage the Club. Candidates must have been a member for a whole year before applying for the Committee. The Committee of Management shall be elected annually at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and be composed of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Games Captain, and Seven Committee Members. The Committee of Management shall meet once in every calendar month, FIVE shall form a quorum. The proceedings of the Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among its Members or by any defect in the election or qualifications of any Member. The Committee shall have the right to co-opt a Member of the Club to fill a vacancy during the year. The Officers of the Club shall be ex-officio Members of all Committees. A Committee member is expected to complete a minimum of 8 monthly meetings and a minimum of 12 Door Duties. Committee members will be barred from re-election if they fail to complete a 12-month term and will not be eligible for re-election for three years.

  11. The Committee of Management shall have the SOLE RIGHT to appoint a Person of MERIT AND INTEGRITY to the office of President of the Club. Each year before the Annual General Meeting, the Committee of Management shall consider whether to re-appoint the existing President or consider other suitable nominations. In the event of more than one candidate being considered suitable, The President will be selected by a majority vote of the Full Committee of Management. The appointment can be terminated at any time by mutual consent.

  12. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be held before the 1st of April each year to receive and consider the ANNUAL REPORT and ACCOUNTS and to transact any other relevant business, which can be dealt with at an ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Auditors (who must be Chartered Accountants) will also be elected. The ACCOUNTS shall be made up as of 31st December each year and shall be audited before the submission to the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The number of votes cast for each person standing in the elections shall be disclosed when the results are declared. All PROPOSITIONS and MOTIONS must be handed to the Secretary AT LEAST SEVEN CLEAR DAYS prior to the meeting. The said PROPOSITIONS and MOTIONS must be properly proposed and seconded by FULL members and all signatures must be identifiable. Life Vice-Presidents and Life Members may be elected at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. At least SEVEN DAYS notice of a GENERAL MEETING or SPECIAL MEETING shall be given to the Members. Notice shall be deemed to have been given provided a notice is displayed in a prominent position on the Club Notice Board. The quorum at all General Meetings shall be 14 Members. The three Officers, Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer must have been on the Committee for 3 years before applying for the position, unless exceptional circumstances. The Treasurer must have knowledge of accountancy or Bookkeeping experience.

  13. The Club shall (except where the Committee of Management shall otherwise arrange) be open to Members at such hours as are permitted by the Licensing Authorities. These times shall be posted on the Club Notice Board.

  14. The Secretary shall summon a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING on receipt of a request of NOT LESS THAN 25 Members, whose signatures must be identifiable, stating the reasons and objectives of the meeting. All signatories must make an effort to attend the meeting.

  15. The officers of the club shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against all actions, costs, losses, damages, and expenses which they may sustain by reason of any lawful act done, concurred, or committed during or about the execution of their duties or supposed duty, except through their own wilful neglect or default.

  16. No unauthorized betting or gambling or persistent unsociable behavior shall be permitted on the Club premises; such offenses shall render the Member liable to suspension or expulsion from Membership.

  17. It shall be a Members duty to assist the Bar Staff in the enforcement of the Licensing Laws i.e.; drinking up time etc and to carry out any reasonable request by an Officer or Member of the Committee of Management in the course of their duties.

  18. The Committee of Management may subject to the approval of a GENERAL MEETING alter, vary or rescind any of these rules from time to time providing they do not contravene the Bye-Laws attending the meeting of the TRUST DEED. No alterations shall be made unless approved by 75% of the Members.

  19. No Dogs are allowed on the premises after 9 pm weekdays and 7 pm on Saturdays. They must be kept on a lead at all times.

  20. We have Zero tolerance for Violence, Drug misuse, and Anti-social behavior. Offenders will be dealt with as they arise by the committee.

  21. Children are not permitted on the Dance Floor after 9 pm. (except on advertised Family nights)

  22. Bar Staff are allowed to apply for full membership at full cost to themselves in addition to their staff membership cards.

  23. The Committee of management must deal with all matters or situations that are not covered by these rules,

  24. Copies of these Rules shall be displayed in a prominent place in the club and issued to every member.

    Proposed by the committee 2021 and seconded at the AGM 2022.

Now you've read the rules...why not become a member?

We are pleased to inform anyone wishing to become a member of the Merstham Village Club that the process is very easy and if you live in the local area you will be able to join our community.